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BBS Forged Multi-Piece LM Diamond Silver

Vendor: BBS

$1,274.65 $1,261.90

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  • 17x7.5 ET28 5x130 CB71.6
  • 17x7.5 ET38 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 17x7.5 ET40 4x100 CBPFS
  • 17x8 ET40 5x120 CB72.5
  • 17x8.5 ET18 5x120 CBPFS
  • 17x9 ET17 5x130 CB71.6
  • 18x7.5 ET48 5x112 CB66.5
  • 18x8 ET35 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 18x8 ET40 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 18x8.5 ET38 5x112 CBPFS
  • 18x8.5 ET38 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 18x8.5 ET56 5x130 CB71.6
  • 18x9 ET25 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 18x9 ET42 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 18x9.5 ET38 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 18x10 ET20 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 18x10 ET25 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 18x10 ET50 5x130 CB71.6
  • 18x10 ET65 5x130 CB71.6
  • 18x11 ET56 5x130 CB71.6
  • 19x8 ET40 5x120 CBPFS
  • 19x8.5 ET18 5x120 CBPFS
  • 19x8.5 ET25 5x112 CBPFS
  • 19x8.5 ET32 5x112 CBPFS
  • 19x8.5 ET32 5x120 CBPFS
  • 19x8.5 ET43 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 19x8.5 ET48 5x112 CBPFS
  • 19x8.5 ET50 5x130 CB71.6
  • 19x9 ET27 5x120 CBPFS
  • 19x9 ET38 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 19x9 ET42 5x112 CBPFS
  • 19x9 ET44 5x120 CBPFS
  • 19x9.5 ET22 5x120 CBPFS
  • 19x9.5 ET32 5x112 CBPFS
  • 19x9.5 ET32 5x120 CBPFS
  • 19x9.5 ET35 5x120 CBPFS
  • 19x9.5 ET38 5x112 CBPFS
  • 19x9.5 ET45 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 19x9.5 ET48 5x120 CBPFS
  • 19x10 ET25 5x120 CBPFS
  • 19x10 ET37 5x120 CBPFS
  • 19x10 ET40 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 19x10 ET50 5x112 CB66.5
  • 19x11 ET25 5x120 CBPFS
  • 19x11 ET35 5x112 CBPFS
  • 19x11 ET37 5x120 CBPFS
  • 19x11 ET50 5x130 CB71.6
  • 19x11 ET63 5x130 CB71.6
  • 19x12 ET44 5x130 CB71.6
  • 20x8.5 ET30 5x112 CBPFS
  • 20x8.5 ET32 5x120 CBPFS
  • 20x8.5 ET38 5x112 CBPFS
  • 20x9 ET15 5x120 CBPFS
  • 20x9 ET20 5x120 CBPFS
  • 20x9 ET25 5x112 CBPFS
  • 20x9 ET28 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 20x9 ET40 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 20x9.5 ET36 5x112 CBPFS
  • 20x9.5 ET37 5x120 CBPFS
  • 20x9.5 ET40 5x114.3 CB66
  • 20x10 ET20 5x120 CBPFS
  • 20x10 ET22 5x112 CBPFS
  • 20x10 ET33 5x120 CBPFS
  • 20x10 ET38 5x112 CBPFS
  • 20x10 ET38 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 20x10 ET45 5x120 CBPFS
  • 20x10.5 ET15 5x120 CBPFS
  • 20x10.5 ET20 5x114.3 CB66
  • 20x10.5 ET35 5x114.3 CBPFS
  • 20x11 ET24 5x112 CBPFS
  • 21x9 ET22 5x112 CBPFS
  • 21x9 ET32 5x120 CBPFS
  • 21x10 ET38 5x120 CBPFS
  • 21x10 ET40 5x112 CBPFS
$1,274.65 $1,261.90
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BBS moves another classic wheel into the spotlight with the LM design. The wheel is not only impressive as a result of the forging technology, but also shows off its sporty origin as well: the timeless design allows the rim star and wheel well to virtually melt into each other and embodies the accomplished perfection of the BBS DNA. It exudes power and elegance alike, with its motor sport-typical cross-spoke. A diamond cut rim well gives the LM wheel the matching charismatic finishing touch.

-82mm PFS/Clip Required

Special order item - Please contact us for ETA


17x7.5 ET28 5x130 CB71.6, 17x7.5 ET38 5x114.3 CBPFS, 17x7.5 ET40 4x100 CBPFS, 17x8 ET40 5x120 CB72.5, 17x8.5 ET18 5x120 CBPFS, 17x9 ET17 5x130 CB71.6, 18x7.5 ET48 5x112 CB66.5, 18x8 ET35 5x114.3 CBPFS, 18x8 ET40 5x114.3 CBPFS, 18x8.5 ET38 5x112 CBPFS, 18x8.5 ET38 5x114.3 CBPFS, 18x8.5 ET56 5x130 CB71.6, 18x9 ET25 5x114.3 CBPFS, 18x9 ET42 5x114.3 CBPFS, 18x9.5 ET38 5x114.3 CBPFS, 18x10 ET20 5x114.3 CBPFS, 18x10 ET25 5x114.3 CBPFS, 18x10 ET50 5x130 CB71.6, 18x10 ET65 5x130 CB71.6, 18x11 ET56 5x130 CB71.6, 19x8 ET40 5x120 CBPFS, 19x8.5 ET18 5x120 CBPFS, 19x8.5 ET25 5x112 CBPFS, 19x8.5 ET32 5x112 CBPFS, 19x8.5 ET32 5x120 CBPFS, 19x8.5 ET43 5x114.3 CBPFS, 19x8.5 ET48 5x112 CBPFS, 19x8.5 ET50 5x130 CB71.6, 19x9 ET27 5x120 CBPFS, 19x9 ET38 5x114.3 CBPFS, 19x9 ET42 5x112 CBPFS, 19x9 ET44 5x120 CBPFS, 19x9.5 ET22 5x120 CBPFS, 19x9.5 ET32 5x112 CBPFS, 19x9.5 ET32 5x120 CBPFS, 19x9.5 ET35 5x120 CBPFS, 19x9.5 ET38 5x112 CBPFS, 19x9.5 ET45 5x114.3 CBPFS, 19x9.5 ET48 5x120 CBPFS, 19x10 ET25 5x120 CBPFS, 19x10 ET37 5x120 CBPFS, 19x10 ET40 5x114.3 CBPFS, 19x10 ET50 5x112 CB66.5, 19x11 ET25 5x120 CBPFS, 19x11 ET35 5x112 CBPFS, 19x11 ET37 5x120 CBPFS, 19x11 ET50 5x130 CB71.6, 19x11 ET63 5x130 CB71.6, 19x12 ET44 5x130 CB71.6, 20x8.5 ET30 5x112 CBPFS, 20x8.5 ET32 5x120 CBPFS, 20x8.5 ET38 5x112 CBPFS, 20x9 ET15 5x120 CBPFS, 20x9 ET20 5x120 CBPFS, 20x9 ET25 5x112 CBPFS, 20x9 ET28 5x114.3 CBPFS, 20x9 ET40 5x114.3 CBPFS, 20x9.5 ET36 5x112 CBPFS, 20x9.5 ET37 5x120 CBPFS, 20x9.5 ET40 5x114.3 CB66, 20x10 ET20 5x120 CBPFS, 20x10 ET22 5x112 CBPFS, 20x10 ET33 5x120 CBPFS, 20x10 ET38 5x112 CBPFS, 20x10 ET38 5x114.3 CBPFS, 20x10 ET45 5x120 CBPFS, 20x10.5 ET15 5x120 CBPFS, 20x10.5 ET20 5x114.3 CB66, 20x10.5 ET35 5x114.3 CBPFS, 20x11 ET24 5x112 CBPFS, 21x9 ET22 5x112 CBPFS, 21x9 ET32 5x120 CBPFS, 21x10 ET38 5x120 CBPFS, 21x10 ET40 5x112 CBPFS


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BBS Forged Multi-Piece LM Diamond Silver

17x7.5 ET28 5x130 CB71.6
17x7.5 ET28 5x130 CB71.6
$1,274.65 $1,261.90